What Christians Should Think About Vaccines

I’m sorry if the title is misleading.  You see, I’m not going to tell you which side of the whole vaccine controversy I think is correct.  What I wanted to say is that I don’t think it matters who’s right and who’s wrong.  Not on a spiritual level.

There have been some heated discussions and harsh statuses filling up my Facebook feed lately thanks to the Disneyland-Measles incident. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about people being able to voice their opinions.  I think that debates can be a really great thing.  Debates are structured arguments.  Each side has allocated time to speak, must stay on topic, and any interjections are heavily controlled. People can learn a lot from each other through a proper debate.  However, I see very few debates on Facebook.  What I see are people bickering.

What I find particularly interesting is that most of the trash talking is being done by Christians.  Non-Christians (at least in my Facebook world) have been a lot more cordial with each other.  As a Christian, I find that a bit alarming.  It’s almost as if each side believes God is backing them, which in turn makes anyone of a different mindset essentially unrighteous.  It sounds extreme when you write it out like that, but take a look at how people have been talking.  I think the depiction is fairly accurate.

Regardless of what branch of Christianity you belong to, I think we can all agree that one of the main things God and Jesus and the prophets and the apostles (i.e., all the big guns) have been getting at since the beginning of humanity is that we should LOVE each other.  We should especially love our enemies.  We should also especially love our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I don’t even think I need to list verses for you.  This is like Bible 101.

Let me reiterate: it is good to have opinions.  It is bad to care more about your opinions than about another human being.  Being right and/or convincing everyone else they’re wrong is not the end goal of life.  We are supposed to be striving to love everyone in all situations.  That is DIFFICULT.  We all fail.  We all know that.

It is easy to forget that the two sides of any debate are made up of human beings.  Even if we wholeheartedly disagree with those human beings’ opinions, they are no less human.  Even if we feel that those people’s decisions impose on our “freedoms” as Americans (or whatever nationality you are), they are still no less human.  We are no less obliged to try to love them.  If anything, we should be trying to love them more.

Let’s treat each other with respect.  Let’s seek to live peacefully.  Let’s ask and trust God to care for our families when we feel we cannot protect them from all the terrible things in this world.  Let’s choose love, no matter the earthly cost.

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